Sep 21, 2011

Stylist Spotlight - PJ Mehaffey

It's no secret, I am enamored by Aussie, Brit and Swedish stylists and often complain there are no American stylists that I find inspiring. Well, slap me silly...While thumbing through Grace Bonney's new book, Design Sponge At Home, I came across the home of PJ Mehaffey -- Prop stylist, Interior Decorator, Market Editor, Host, Blogger and American -- Woooop Woooop!

So grateful to, Design Sponge At Home, for introducing me to several other imaginative, stimulating and artistic stylists; all of whom, I will feature here on Prop-A-Gan-Da, throughout the remainder of the week -- Thanks Grace, you go gurrrrlll!
Back to my pal PJ - Cute, animated, witty, comical, talented with great hair - We've never actually met but based on his website bio as well as his blog posts -- PJ is definitely a friend in my head and I'm certain we will, "5-6-7-8 dance and decorate", together one day very soon.

If you are in need of a, "go-to-spot for sass, decorating and other stylish hijinks", please check out PJ's blog, Blog-A-Dazzle.  

Ive borrowed a few pics from his portfolio, check em' out below...Thoughts????



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