Sep 28, 2011

Stylishly Styled: Fantastic Frank

Home staging to increase property sales sure isn't an original concept but using prop stylists and renowned fashion photographers most definitely is! 

Swedish Real Estate Brokerage Firm, Fantastic Frank, has devised an imaginative, innovative and clever method to engage prospective buyers. By offering one of six stylistic themes, (Boheme, The Loft, Wall Street, Boston, Scandinavia, Boston & Gustaf) to display the character of the seller's apartment; photographs that are styled similarly to those found in interior decor magazines, are used for ad listings.

The artistically styled photos garner attention from the few prospective buyers that absolutely looooove the property versus the many, that may like it. This approach is brilliant yet essential to differentiate their properties from the competitors because the objective is to gain "the emotional" purchaser with high-end taste.

Fantastic Frank's concept breeds new life into the usual, mundane and soul-less real estate marketing package. The intriguing, quirky, vibrant and stylishly styled images also prove that a little creativity & ingenuity can go a long way. The utilization of fashion photographers as well as, simple props such as, disco balls, fruits, soda bottles, flowers & athletic equipment, has resulted in something eye-catching and unprecedented in real estate marketing.

With America's struggling housing market this is definitely a refreshing idea that real estate agents need to adopt quick fast!!!!!

Would you be more motivated or eager to view and/or purchase property, if it were staged creatively?

Using a variety of colorful sponges brings a whimsical perspective to an ordinary kitchen sink

Oranges & bananas provide a simple pop of color & spruces up an otherwise lifeless sauna room

Laptops & Lighting...Intriguing!

Colorful Campbell soup cans add visual interest to this monochromatic wash room

images via Fantastic Frank

Sep 21, 2011

Stylist Spotlight - PJ Mehaffey

It's no secret, I am enamored by Aussie, Brit and Swedish stylists and often complain there are no American stylists that I find inspiring. Well, slap me silly...While thumbing through Grace Bonney's new book, Design Sponge At Home, I came across the home of PJ Mehaffey -- Prop stylist, Interior Decorator, Market Editor, Host, Blogger and American -- Woooop Woooop!

So grateful to, Design Sponge At Home, for introducing me to several other imaginative, stimulating and artistic stylists; all of whom, I will feature here on Prop-A-Gan-Da, throughout the remainder of the week -- Thanks Grace, you go gurrrrlll!
Back to my pal PJ - Cute, animated, witty, comical, talented with great hair - We've never actually met but based on his website bio as well as his blog posts -- PJ is definitely a friend in my head and I'm certain we will, "5-6-7-8 dance and decorate", together one day very soon.

If you are in need of a, "go-to-spot for sass, decorating and other stylish hijinks", please check out PJ's blog, Blog-A-Dazzle.  

Ive borrowed a few pics from his portfolio, check em' out below...Thoughts????



images courtesy of:


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