Apr 25, 2011

Stylishly Styled: The Coveteur

Fashion is an aspect of photo styling that I will not discuss often because info. on that topic is plentiful and my mission for Prop-A-Gan-Da is to shed light on the uncommon areas of photo styling. However, when I discover creative souls that come together to forge imaginative and novel concepts, I am always compelled to share.

This past January, Canadian natives, designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark, launched The Coveteur. A blog that offers a peek into the closets of uber-stylish, behind-the-scenes, fashion industry notables; allowing us mere mortals to view the items they cherish most.

Along with photographer Jake Rosenberg, Erin and Stephanie have proven that fashion isn't always synonymous with being a label whore [even though most of the featured merchandise are somewhat high-end]. By using artistic and unconventional styling techniques, [which is the PRIME reason why I'm so infatuated with the site] this trio, cleverly reveals the personalities behind the coats, shoes, slacks & shirts; implying that fashion is about self-expression, creativity and personal style not trends or luxe brands.

I also love that this isn't a celebrity-obsessed fashion site, it praises those who covertly make haute shyt and hot people, happen and we at PROP-A-GAN-DA share the same philosophy -- Acknowledging, Exposing & Celebrating, "Invisible", Careers in Creative Industries!!

If you have yet to witness the skillful yet brilliantly quirky, styled shots on The Coveteur, I implore you to give your eyes a proplicious Monday treat...

Stylishly Styled images via The Coveteur



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