Apr 1, 2011

Catalog Luvin: Rice

I first discovered the catalog for Rice, on Bright Bazaar. Which by the way, is my ABSOLUTE FAVE BLOG! It's the first, I read in the morning and the last I check before bed. Why? Well, I'm a color lover -- a Barbie girl living in a crazy, colorful world --and Will is alllllll about color! His motto is even, "Beige is Boring". LOL. Reading his daily posts, just makes me feel as if I'm swimming in a bowl of skittles and surfing on rainbows. Simply put -- It's the ultimate mood booster!

Rice is a Danish company that produces vibrant houseware products. I am featuring them today because it's April 1st and snowing. SMDH. I needed something to shake this blah feeling plus the catalog is spectacular styling meets e-commerce & ya know PROP-A-GAN-DA is all about styling. There's even an entire page, featuring behind the scenes clips, of the photo styling shoot [fist pump].

I just truly admire how Rice has taken common everyday products and transformed them from dull and anonymous to hip and fashionable. Check out this quote I borrowed from the catalog:

"We choose to funk up daily chores with some color -- adding a little glam to the domestic goddess territory." -- LUVS IT!

 Have a fantabulous weekend!

How kayuuuuuuute are these sponges & brushes?

Behind The Scenes

images via Rice Dk

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