Apr 25, 2011

Stylishly Styled: The Coveteur

Fashion is an aspect of photo styling that I will not discuss often because info. on that topic is plentiful and my mission for Prop-A-Gan-Da is to shed light on the uncommon areas of photo styling. However, when I discover creative souls that come together to forge imaginative and novel concepts, I am always compelled to share.

This past January, Canadian natives, designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark, launched The Coveteur. A blog that offers a peek into the closets of uber-stylish, behind-the-scenes, fashion industry notables; allowing us mere mortals to view the items they cherish most.

Along with photographer Jake Rosenberg, Erin and Stephanie have proven that fashion isn't always synonymous with being a label whore [even though most of the featured merchandise are somewhat high-end]. By using artistic and unconventional styling techniques, [which is the PRIME reason why I'm so infatuated with the site] this trio, cleverly reveals the personalities behind the coats, shoes, slacks & shirts; implying that fashion is about self-expression, creativity and personal style not trends or luxe brands.

I also love that this isn't a celebrity-obsessed fashion site, it praises those who covertly make haute shyt and hot people, happen and we at PROP-A-GAN-DA share the same philosophy -- Acknowledging, Exposing & Celebrating, "Invisible", Careers in Creative Industries!!

If you have yet to witness the skillful yet brilliantly quirky, styled shots on The Coveteur, I implore you to give your eyes a proplicious Monday treat...

Stylishly Styled images via The Coveteur

Apr 18, 2011

Stylist Spotlight: Jason Grant

As an aspiring stylist, I am always stoked when I discover insights into the world of photo styling. I was school girl giddy, when I came across a blog entitled, Mr. Jason Grant. Jason is the former style director of Australian home decor mag, Real Living. He currently freelances as an interiors, lifestyle and prop stylist for various product brands and he also contributes to quite a few Aussie & International decor mags.

Jason's blog documents his adventures as a stylist, which includes behind the scenes pics as well as yummy tear sheets of his work...It's a MUST, that you check em' out below!!!

From reading most of his archive blog posts, Jason seems to be an enthusiastic, witty & lively person -- kinda cute too lol. From this point on, I will be stalking his site daily because I'm super anxious to learn of his new undertakings.

So whattaya think? Vibrant, creative and innovative, right? Now that Mister Jason Grant has been added to my rolodex of Rock Star Stylists, I can sign off...Til' manana folks!


Apr 7, 2011

Working the Plate : The Art of Food Styling

 Summer Landscape made of fruits & veggies

Many of us eat with our eyes first, without realizing it takes a collaborative effort between an art director, a photographer, a food and prop stylist to make the food appearing in cookbooks, advertisements, packaging, television commercials, film and menus, as culinary masterpieces.

In the world of cooking, presentation is every bit as important as flavor but this is not the case for food styling. Behind every mouthwatering image is a devoted food stylist whose job it is to plan and perfect every detail from creating cloud like cake frosting to producing perfect grill marks on steaks, without actually using a grill.

A lot of training and experience is necessary for food styling because the job requires extensive knowledge of how food acts, both aesthetically and scientifically. Like a bratty two year old, food often does not behave. Therefore, a lot of culinary tricks are used to make food the star of the show but most of it is not tasty. For instance, dropping aspirin in champagne to create extra fizz, applying lipstick on strawberries to deepen their redness, or using sugar mixed with shortening mixed to simulate ice cream.

So boys and girls, today's lesson is:

  1. Creating appealing textures, shapes and color with food is basically brain surgery!
  2. Great food shots are a culmination of serious thought, creativity, patience and effort.
  3. The "caramel" oozing over the pear below may just be polyurethane. :-/

 Underwater Veggie World  & Land made of Fruit. Are these a fish made of red cabbage & kiwi?


 How effin cool is this?

 Broccoli Trees & Bread Mountains!

 Sheep made of cauliflower and black olives

Peep the Pickle Tail...LMAO

A Village made of Bread Sticks & Cold Cuts...Genius!


 Pumpernickle dirt mounds, Pink Salmon Sea, Potato Rocks & a Pea Pod Boat

 Breaded Hand

 Fruity Hot Air Balloons over Ice Cream Mountains

 Envelope Made of Dough

Sweet Rose

 images via Carl Warner, Deb McLean, Saxton Freymann, Lisa Edsalv

Apr 1, 2011

Catalog Luvin: Rice

I first discovered the catalog for Rice, on Bright Bazaar. Which by the way, is my ABSOLUTE FAVE BLOG! It's the first, I read in the morning and the last I check before bed. Why? Well, I'm a color lover -- a Barbie girl living in a crazy, colorful world --and Will is alllllll about color! His motto is even, "Beige is Boring". LOL. Reading his daily posts, just makes me feel as if I'm swimming in a bowl of skittles and surfing on rainbows. Simply put -- It's the ultimate mood booster!

Rice is a Danish company that produces vibrant houseware products. I am featuring them today because it's April 1st and snowing. SMDH. I needed something to shake this blah feeling plus the catalog is spectacular styling meets e-commerce & ya know PROP-A-GAN-DA is all about styling. There's even an entire page, featuring behind the scenes clips, of the photo styling shoot [fist pump].

I just truly admire how Rice has taken common everyday products and transformed them from dull and anonymous to hip and fashionable. Check out this quote I borrowed from the catalog:

"We choose to funk up daily chores with some color -- adding a little glam to the domestic goddess territory." -- LUVS IT!

 Have a fantabulous weekend!

How kayuuuuuuute are these sponges & brushes?

Behind The Scenes

images via Rice Dk


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