Mar 14, 2011

You Inspire Me: Lisa Edsalv

For as long as I remember, I’ve always loved pretty magazine pictures. As a little girl I use to spend hours flipping through my mother’s Spiegel catalogs, mesmerized by the immaculately staged rooms & fantasized about living in them. I’ve been decorating my house in my head since I was 7.

Whenever I walk into a space I immediately conjure ideas of how to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. As much as I admire a beautiful room, I sensed in the first semester of my final year at NSU/Parsons, that a career as an Interior Designer would not fulfill me. Drafting floor plans and fussing over building and safety codes, simply depressed me. I am truly a creative soul, so interior decorating was definitely the better option BUT I had spent over 10 years attending the best design schools in NYC (F.I.T, SVA & Parsons) and my 80k loan debt as well as ego just wouldn’t allow me to consider being an Interior Decorator (no offense to interior decorators). Plus my senior year final project involved working with pro bono clients; their crying over wrong wall colors (that could have easily been altered, so why tears?) and their indecisiveness over f#$@! floor tiles seriously made my butt itch!

I had an AHA moment while noticing how many of my classmates used decor mags & catalogs for ideas and inspiration in their assignments; yet these same items brought me a different type of euphoria. I peruse mags & catalog for days and days without sleep, examining the tiniest details -- color, scale, lighting etc. I then realized I NEEDED to be the person that creates and styles the sets in home décor catalogs and shelter magazines. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea what this career field was called. Neither did ANY of my Professors. SMDH.

I’d spend the next 7 months Googling, “interior stylist”, “magazine stylist”, “catalog decorator”, which produced many career results but all were either located in the U.K or Australia. I was totally clueless as to what the job title in the U.S was called and didn’t find out until 3 weeks before graduation.

The moment I typed “prop and photo stylist” in Google’s search engine and was met with hundreds of results, a feeling of relief, excitement, anxiety and uncontrollable elation overwhelmed me. I had finally discovered my new career choice and the first site I visited was that of prop stylist Lisa Edsalv.

Lisa's client roster includes major brands such as, Chanel, Ikea, Absolut, Neiman Marcus and Elle Magazine but she is famously known for styling the fashionable cupcakes. Today, I am honoring her because her ingenious, imaginative and visually stimulating works instantly solidified my decision to become a Photo Stylist/Set Designer. Thank you for inspiring me Lisa!

Artichoke Trees, Milk Cartoon Doorway, Sardine Car, Mirror Driveway, Wine Corks & Red Peppers all creatively used to create the appearance of a House...OH WAIT!!! The roof is a book!
Love Love Lovvvvve!!!!! Lisa's ingenuity!

Rainbow Pancakes...Imaginative & Clever!

Sliced yellow and green squash topped with a jalapeno pepper...INNOVATIVE!

Paper Arms!...Super Kayuuuuute! 

Really like the use of random props to create the silhouettes of each of these Absolut Vodka bottles. 


Monkey made of Coconuts: Lime ears, nose, mouth. Cashew Claws. Cherry Eyes. Does anyone know what objects were used for his legs? Puppy made of various breads (rolls, bagels, loaf): Cracker Eyes. Bacon Ears. Pasta Teeth. Tongue of Sausages. Pickle Tail...So effin creative!

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  1. I love the stack of pancakes! And the designer boxes! You had me at Chanel!

  2. OMG, i love the all the bright stuff and things i would like to try and make myself. Very interesting and i love your story behind it. This was great keep it coming.



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