Mar 16, 2011

Throwback Tear Sheets: Living Etc. Dec. 2007

I mentioned before that I am shelter mag junkie, so quite naturally I possess tons of tear sheets, old ones too -- VINTAGE! lol...Sooooooo grateful to finally have a platform to share them with other decor divas and demons, like myself.

Today's tear sheets are from ELLE Decoration [UK edition]December 2007. Photographed by Eric Lagneil. Written by Amanda Talbot, former Associate Editor at British ELLE Decoration and Homes Editor at Living Etc., who is now the writer behind one of my daily blog must reads, Snoop.

I'm assuming I archived these tears because I really admired this apartment...4 years later...Not so much...Wait! That's totally untrue. I'm retracting that statement! My design taste has altered just a bit since then but this is still a super fab, beautifully decorated, bachelor pad. I'd definitely date and try to shack up with the guy who resides here; then again with a hot pink sitting room and canary yellow shag chairs, I highly doubt he'd be interested in moi :-)~

This apt. is designed by Ghislaine Vinas, whom I absolutely admire and will be spotlighting later this week!

Upon first glance the kitchen put me in the mind of Jen Ramos' of Made by Girl. It is far from an exact replica, so LETS ALL CALM DOWN NOW, it just made me instantly think of hers. So whattaya think folks?

Photos courtesy of my personal copy of Elle Decoration UK Edition Magazine [Dec. 2007] :-)~


  1. This is so cool. I forgot all about this apartment. It's so easy for us to get caught up in fashion fads. This is why it's so important when we decorate we need to capture lifestyle over what sofa is hot now. I prefer to ask the question "How do I live?"

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of memory lane xxx

  2. Jetsons meet grown n sexy meets barbie!

  3. I absolutely love the marble and open shelving in the kitchen!!!!!! The different colors and textures throughout are beautiful...



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