Mar 22, 2011

Throwback Tear Sheets: Interior Design Magazine Sept. 2010

This edition of Throwback Tear Sheets features Ghislaine Vinas AGAIN!!!!!

I promised last week that I would be showcasing more of her work but I'm just obviously obsessed with her talent and design style -- vibrant, colorful, graphic, with a touch of sophisticated whimsy.
Simply -- LOVE HER!

I'm a perfectionist and very detailed oriented so I prefer to do most things on my own, especially decorating. However, Ghislaine is the one designer that I would totally trust to execute my vision and desires without providing input. Which is rare, since I'm also particular, opinionated and loquacious.

Paaaaaaleze come re-decorate my pad Ghislaine!?! I'd be your dream client because you'd have absolute free reign but would u mine if I pay you in gum? Trident layers???
It's seriously all I can afford. :-/

O.k, so the images below are from Interior Design Magazine's September 2010 issue.
It features the six-floor, 15,500-square-foot home of Paige West, [contemporary-art expert who owns the Chelsea gallery Mixed Greens] her husband, real-estate developer JC Keeler of DDG Partners, and their three young sons.

This super sized town house is AMAZE BALLZ and so damn amusing!
You MUST watch this video just to see the ingenious wall features and all of the tiny, fanciful details this home entails. Plus the magazine tears do not provide the justice this place deserves. Click here for the direct link to the video.

Please comment below on what you do or don't admire about this house.
Plus click on "Read More" to view all the tasty photos.
Enjoy Sweeties!

Photography by Eric Laigne
Images via interiordesign.netsad

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  1. The green coffee table is beautiful! :)

    Belly B



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