Mar 15, 2011

Stylist Spotlight: Sarah May

I'm a picture person. I like taking 'em! Gazing at 'em and DEFINITELY being in 'em [CHEEEZE]. Nothing irks me more than people who skim super quickly through photos. For example my friend, blah blah blah...I just showed her Sarah May's amazing portfolio, she zoomed through it...said "kayuuute", then hauled ass to the bar across the street for happy hour SMDH...She's what I call a, "Microwave Baby" --zero patience with the attention span of a pea, who shows minimal interest in anything that requires a tad bit of focusing!

Sarah May is a prop stylist, set designer and art director based in London. Hopefully you all will appreciate the unconventional, artistic and peculiar details in Sarah's work, I most certainly did! Toodles!

P.S. You may also check out Sarah's blog here...

LOOOOOOOOVE this image! Scarves as trees. Socks as birds. Gloves for grass. Simply ingenious!

I'm totally hearing Zapp & Roger Troutman's, "Computer Love", in my head.

Why are there hand prints on the wall if he used the ladder to enter the room?...Hmmmm just wondering!

His head is literally on a platter. LOL

Photos via Santucci & Co.


  1. wow now that's bizarre! Johnny Depp could relate!

  2. Great job on the blog I love everything about it!



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