Feb 27, 2011

Stylist Spotlight: Randi Brookman Harris

Having made the decision to embark on a new career yet having minimal knowledge about what, where or how to gain employment within the photo styling industry is frustrating. I lie awake many nights consumed with thoughts of self-doubt and hopelessness.

Then I stumble upon inspiring individuals such as Randi Brookman Harris, whose interview with Nicole Hill of A Little Sussy, restore my faith and validate my feeling that this is EXACTLY what I should be doing.

Randi’s Q&A provides the joy & challenges of her journey in becoming a stylist, as well as articulate, informative and valuable advice for those of us aspiring to be. Her work for Martha Stewart & Kate Spade is pretty damn appealing too check it out below!

Thanks Randi for restoring my faith! Do you need an assistant? LOL

Photos Courtesy of www.brookmanharris.com

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