Mar 2, 2011

Stylist Spotlight: Arnd Stockhausen

I finally read ALL of Emily Henderson’s, “Day in the Life of a Stylist”, blog post and sheeeeesh, it was exhausting. Based on her commentary, I am now having reservations about whether this career choice is suitable for me. Something about “schlepping” and waiting 3 months to be paid caused me to perspire profusely and my tummy to bubble (Hmmm…maybe that’s the chipotle burrito) but I’ve also been having these bizarre dreams of Beyonce being my sister (woooo! hoooo!), Drake, my lover (yuck) and Lady Gaga, my bestie (Note to self: Stop eating before bed).

Perhaps these dreams are just an indication of me mourning my career in music publicity and/or seriously missing the fantastic perks. So in honor of my many failed Music PR jobs, I am featuring Arnd Stockhausen. He is a prop stylist for TV commercials and for photo shoots of some of today’s top selling musical artists.

I truly enjoyed viewing Arnd's imaginative portfolio, especially the use of over sized props and the unorthodox placement of objects. I love looking for clever details in styled photos...Remember it's the details that make an image interesting. So always pay close attention to the details folks! Enjoy!

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