Mar 22, 2011

Styling 411: Photo Styling: How to Build Your Career and Succeed

I purchased Susan Linnet Cox's, "Photo Styling: How to Build Your Career and Succeed", two years ago and have yet to complete it. As an avid reader, that's an indication of lack of interest. Here's why: It is a decent source of information, if you are pursuing a career in photo styling. However, it was published in 2006, which isn't long ago, so I'm baffled as to why the book seems so effin' antiquated. When publishing a book about photo styling, I would assume it extremely imperative that the front cover and photos within, be "STYLISH". Or at least well shot and exceptionally styled! :-/

Many would argue, especially my buddy Dez @GraphicDesignNY, that content matters most. I obviously don't agree because two years later and I have yet to finish the book. I'm all about aesthetics, some would say that's shallow. Well ummm...I'm shallow. LOL. Basically, I'm just initially attracted to things that are visually appealing, aren't most humans? If something looks good, it intrigues me and I am inclined to want to know more. However, I'm not superficial to the point of completely devaluing or ignoring things that aren't packaged beautifully.

With that said; "Photo Styling: How to Build Your Career and Succeed", ain't pretty but it offers many illustrations, tips and styling secrets. Susan also breaks down every type of photo styling; food, fashion, wardrobe, styling off-figure, editorial, product, room sets and bedding etc. There are even interviews with art directors, stylists and models, which offer their perspectives. The chapters on the business of styling and self marketing/promotion are also quite insightful.

Susan Linnet Cox possesses great knowledge and obviously experience, which is something I do not have, in this field. So the book is worth purchasing and reading [aw hell! Get a used copy]. There also aren't any other sources in book form, So...I am now adding "future author of a super stylish introductory guide on Photo Styling" to my bucket list. LOL LMAO

Below an informative video of Susan explaining exactly what a stylist needs to bring to a job. All the things in a photo stylist's toolkit for a photo shoot.

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