Mar 12, 2011

A Perfectly Propped Shop: La Cerise Sur Le Gateu

The dream of having my own line of home décor accessories gets me all tingly, fuzzy, flustered and super hyped. So when seeking ways on how to customize bedroom and kitchen linens I purchased Anne Hubert’s book, “The Left Bank Look: Easy Parisian-Chic Projects for Your Home and Clothes”, for instruction.

Anne Hubert is an interior and textile designer who has an admiration for altering basic, everyday items into stimulating and innovative merchandise pieces. This philosophy inspired her online shop and household linen collection, La Cerise Sur Le Gateau, which stylishly combines the best of both the fashion and home décor worlds. I was tickled but not at all surprised to learn that Anne is a former photo stylist and home stager because the styling of the shop images are amusing, imaginative, peculiar yet dazzling. You may enjoy her yummy, fresh and fun textile items right here. Take notice of the many, whimsical details in each image.

Love the concept of the bed leaning up against the wall...Definitely an unconventional yet innovative way to display bed linens...So curious to know what they used to keep that comforter standing upright. 

Chalk outline of arms & the crown placed on top of the drawing of the head on the pillow...GENIUS! 

LOOOOOOOOVE the use of these polka dot Mary Janes as the feet of this table. Definite DIY 
project for my pad! Peep the hot pink electrical cord extending from the lamp that is 
painted on the dish towel, that also plugs into the wall outlet. 

Wondering how the hell they hid the other pair of legs! 

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