Mar 10, 2011

Click Click Click Flash: Aaron Dyer

Aaron Dyer's stimulating, vibrant, whimsical and artistic portfolio makes me happy. Between the wars, recession and natural disasters, I'm certain we all could use a little bit of happy. Enjoy!

Tangled Bangles! LUVS!

Oh! Em! Gee! Bowling Ball $54.11's. I would've totally rocked this style if they were avail 
waaaaaay back when I was in H.S.

Luvin this Brooklyn bangle but would've preferred it to read "Harlem " cuz I'm an 
Uptown Gal all day, every day! Owww!

Photos via Aaron Dyer

1 comment:

  1. Color! Color! I loooove color! Does something to my senses!



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