Mar 14, 2011

Behind The Set: Christina Tonkin

Serena Van Der Woodsen's bedroom

Gossip Girl and Sex & the City, are TV series that are must sees for the décor obsessed and Christina Tonkin seems to be the go to design diva for decorating the sets of these sexy, controversial, uber fashionable shows.

Christina began her career as an assistant decorator on feature films in 1991, which led her to the trend setting, Sex & The City, where she worked for 5 years under production designer Jeremy Conway. She is currently the full time set decorator for, Gossip Girl but also specializes in residential design and art consultation with her company, Christina Tonkin Interiors & Events.

This talented & blessed woman truly has my dream job, so I was super stoked to find this behind the scenes clip of her displaying the set of the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite teenagers.

If anyone has leads on how I can obtain an internship or assistant gig on this show (on any show actually lol) paaaaaaleze feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

Take a peek at the video below:

View more videos at:

For a stroll down  memory lane, view the set of, Sex & The City by clicking the teeny pink words below :-)

Carrie Bradshaw's Apt. Entryway
Check out the menu under the door. Sooooo typical in a Manhattan apt.

Carrie Bradshaw's Bedroom
OMG peep the I Heart NY shopping bag lol lol

Carrie Bradshaw's Living Area
Chinese food carton on the table & dry cleaning slung across the bed. So authentic! 
Loved how realistic this set always was.

Carrie Bradshaw's Closet
Wow! The infamous closet. I really miss this show :-(...

Carrie Bradshaw's Bathroom

Samantha Jones' Chelsea Loft

Samantha Jones' Kitchen

Miranda Hobbes' Living Room

Miranda Hobbes' Bedroom

Charlotte York's Bedroom

 Charlotte York's Home Office

Alexandr Petrovsky Loft

Alexandr Petrovsky Loft

Alexandr Petrovsky Dining Area

Alexandr Petrovsky Loft Library

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