Mar 31, 2011

Stylishly Styled: Est Magazine

On March 21st, I was introduced to a new q-tee, Est Webzine by Apartment Therapy, it was love at first sight! I know, I know, I fall in love quite often lmao. Well, it's a week later and we finally had our first date. I am sooooooo smitten. Here's a little somethin' somethin' about my new love straight off of their website:

“The title ‘est’ has many positive connotations. Finest, greatest, nicest, loveliest, sexiest...All the things we want Est Magazine to be.”

Est offers its time poor & inspiration starved readers a new age glossy magazine. Est is all about inspiration, giving readers a contemporary interactive resource and providing a platform to showcase the very best in the world of design. 

Est is relaxed and stylish, is not self conscious and does not take itself too seriously. 

Est loves the sun but appreciates the seasons. 

Est loves looking to the past but also likes shiny and new - this is what gives Est an Australian twist.

Est is the brain child of Sian MacPherson Editor in Chief & Lynda Evans Creative Director 
who have sourced the creative talents of photographers, designers, stylists, writers and trend 
spotters from around the globe."

I am especially impressed with, Est, because there are two feature stories geared towards, "Styling", and DUH this blog is all about, "Styling". Which makes us a definite match! Right? Of course these features are, "Stylishly Styled", so I just had to share!

The first article discusses; Regardless of where you reside or how many times you may relocate, home is where the heart is, so you should always personalize it with items that are meaningful and hold memories. Basically, the most important element of styling your home, is surrounding yourself with things you love!

I really LOOOVE the vibrant props and creative details used in this photo shoot. The article is also styled by one of my fave stylist and blogger, Deb McLean and photographed by Colin Doswell of Doswell & McLean. There is also a styling tip, which also served as an affirmation for living [for me, at least] on each page.

 Don't over think it - just do it...

 A place to hide away...

 Blurring of line between inside and out...

 Collecting memories not just designer furniture...

 Mixing it up - patterns, textures, finishes, materials...

Embrace imperfection...Search for peace.

images via EST Magazine

Stylishly Styled: How to Style an Eames Chair in any Setting

You know when you're in love, all you can do is talk about it...So here's another article from Est Magazine, titled, "Real or Replica?...Can You Spot the Difference?" They are referring to the Eames Chair and even offer tips on how to style it in any setting. Enjoy!

Styling by Amey Rosenthal

images via Est Magazine

Mar 30, 2011

You Inspire Me: Leslie Shewring

Leslie Shewring is a mother, photographer, blogger and an overall fabulous creative soul! I first discovered her on, Decor8, where she writes an exclusive column called, Color Me Pretty; which feature color stories and mood boards of collected items found in her home, for the purpose of inspiring other creative souls, like moi!

As a girly girl, who likes pink but loooves purple, who use to collect Hello Kitty stickers, Barbies, ribbons, heart ink stamp pads & from ages 3-18, couldn’t leave my house without a purse and bubble gum flavored lip-gloss, I am simply mesmerized by Leslie’s vivid color palettes. Each image is just so purrrrrty and conjure a mental image of me lying in a hammock, wearing a linen, smocked dress, sipping an ice-cold glass of pink lemonade! By the way, where the hell is Spring? Sighs…

Leslie is a former Architect and Product Designer, who put her career on hold to enjoy her role as a mother, which is soooo admirable but I truly want to see her style photoshoots for Martha Stewart Living or Real Simple Magazines ASAP!!!! 

In the meantime you may enjoy Leslie's light and airy blog, A Creative Mint. In addition, to the pics below you may check out more delightful images on Flickr, all photographed by her -- but of course!

Mar 29, 2011

Stylist Spotlight: Sara Sjogren

I nearly forgot how to breathe when I came across Interior Stylist, Sara Sjogren’s website. I am quite fond of Scandinavian styled rooms -- all white, airy, delicate and light but I truly admire how Sara infused colorful props within each set…If you are a color lover such as myself you will totally appreciate her work!

Chiffon skirts, cardboard boxes & a Big Bird colored sofa...Sighs...I love this loveliness!


Images via Sara Sjogren

Mar 23, 2011

Guess the Set????

Can you guess what movie this dining room/kitchen appeared in? 
1. An American romantic comedy that premiered in 2010.
2: It is a sequel.
3: Based on a very popular TV series.
Please leave your answers in the comments section below ;-)

Mar 22, 2011

Throwback Tear Sheets: Interior Design Magazine Sept. 2010

This edition of Throwback Tear Sheets features Ghislaine Vinas AGAIN!!!!!

I promised last week that I would be showcasing more of her work but I'm just obviously obsessed with her talent and design style -- vibrant, colorful, graphic, with a touch of sophisticated whimsy.
Simply -- LOVE HER!

I'm a perfectionist and very detailed oriented so I prefer to do most things on my own, especially decorating. However, Ghislaine is the one designer that I would totally trust to execute my vision and desires without providing input. Which is rare, since I'm also particular, opinionated and loquacious.

Paaaaaaleze come re-decorate my pad Ghislaine!?! I'd be your dream client because you'd have absolute free reign but would u mine if I pay you in gum? Trident layers???
It's seriously all I can afford. :-/

O.k, so the images below are from Interior Design Magazine's September 2010 issue.
It features the six-floor, 15,500-square-foot home of Paige West, [contemporary-art expert who owns the Chelsea gallery Mixed Greens] her husband, real-estate developer JC Keeler of DDG Partners, and their three young sons.

This super sized town house is AMAZE BALLZ and so damn amusing!
You MUST watch this video just to see the ingenious wall features and all of the tiny, fanciful details this home entails. Plus the magazine tears do not provide the justice this place deserves. Click here for the direct link to the video.

Please comment below on what you do or don't admire about this house.
Plus click on "Read More" to view all the tasty photos.
Enjoy Sweeties!


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